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Aqua Spinning

AUGUSTA SPA HOTEL is pleased to present to you the newest type of procedures offered – Aqua spinning. It is a group aerobic exercise program performed in the pool on special appliances called aquaspines where you ride a bicycle, dipped to the waist. The procedures are extremely enjoyable and healthy. Medical tests prove that they shape the body in a much more effective way, while saving health, bones, joints and muscles. Exercises do not require previous experience, they are suitable for men and women, and older people, as long as they are coordinated with a medical practitioner, and they are loading mostly the femoral and buttock muscles.

10 reasons to choose Aqua Spinning:
  1. Burning up to 800 calories per hour;
  2. Removal of cellulite by intense movement and underwater draining massage;
  3. Improving blood circulation and toning the body and muscles of legs, the feeling of tired legs disappears;
  4. Feeling of weightlessness and sparing the joints, a procedure suitable for people in rehabilitation, pregnant women and all those who want to spare their body while practicing;
  5. Lack of pain in the muscles as a result of training, prevention of micro-traumas;
  6. Eliminate stress and improve sleep;
  7. Increase in stamina: when training in water, the pulse is 10% lower than on land, resulting in intense workout that does not burden the heart;
  8. Increase in pulmonary capacity, training without breathlessness, so more oxygen reaches the muscles and they train more effectively;
  9. Increasing flexibility and improving body posture;
  10. Proven benefits for both health and appearance, revolutionary practice, widely spread in Europe and gaining popularity in the United States.