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Mineral water

Hissar mineral springs are a place, healing the spirit and body from antiquity to the present day. The term SPA comes from Latin, Sanus per aquam, and means “health through water”. Along with treatment, warm mineral water is also a source of positive emotions and pleasure, an opportunity for rest and relaxation.

In Hisarya there are 22 mineral water springs with a temperature from 37°C to 51°C. The first studies of the physical-chemical composition of the mineral water springing from time immemorial were made in 1882 in the laboratory of the East Rumelian Sanitary Council. Since 1954 the water is regularly monitored by the Chemical Laboratory for the Analysis of Mineral Waters.

AUGUSTA SPA HOTEL is supplied by two sources of mineral water – drilling №7 and “Parilkite”. The water is characterized by high natural purity with a stable physical chemical composition and properties, it is crystal clear, it does not contain microbiological and toxic elements harmful to human health. It has a pleasant soft taste and has well-established drinking qualities.

The water meets the requirements of BDS 14947-80 – “Natural, mineral and drinking water” and of BDS 14947-83 – “Water and Drinking”. Its composition, qualities and microbiological characteristics correspond to the results recorded in Certificate No. 7/19.07.1999o f the Ministry of Health and letter No. 986/03.05.1994 of Regional Inspectorate for Preservation and Control of Human Health, Plovdiv.

Healing effect of Hissar mineral water:


  • maintain the alkaline-acid balance of the body and its alkaline reserve
  • have an effect on the liver-bile pathways, protective action on the liver, stimulate the secretion of the pancreas
  • dilute the secretions in the respiratory tract with a proven anti-inflammatory effect
  • induce lasting alkalinization of the urine, making them suitable for the treatment of kidney stones
  • regulate the acidosis in the organism, occurring in some metabolic diseases – diabetes, gout, etc.

Sulfates and Magnesium ions:

  • provide direct effect on the gastrointestinal tract, and upon their entry into the blood affect the liver-bile and renal function
  • affect the intestines and their combination with magnesium has a cleansing effect.


  • increase gastric secretion and have a washing effect on the gastric mucosa
  • support the release of toxic substances
  • extremely effective in diseases of the locomotor system and the skin.

Metasilicic acid (in drinking)

  • affects mostly digestive organs and suppresses gastric secretion.
  • has an antiseptic effect on the intestines and skin
  • increases teeth resistance to tooth decay
  • has a proven antitoxic effect and slows the development of atherosclerosis.


  • supports the building of the bone system, the growth of nails and hair
  • especially important for children – ensures normal development of the dentition and protects them against tartar
  • used as a prophylactic against osteoporosis and radioprotection.

Radon (inhalation):

  • stimulates cellular exchange;
  • improves the immune-biological processes;
  • has an effect on almost all systems – blood, nervous, digestive, endocrine.

Mineral Water Specification

  • slightly mineralized – 257 mg/l
  • with magmatic infiltration origin,
  • hydrocarbon-sodium,
  • sulfate,
  • rich in metasilicic acid, fluorine and radon.
  • The water temperature of the spring is 52°C.

Disease Prevention and Treatment

  • diseases of the digestive system,
  • kidney, bladder and prostate gland,
  • liver and biliary tract,
  • metabolism (diabetes, gout, obesity),
  • gynecological diseases,
  • certain skin diseases and
  • diseases of the locomotor system..

Main physical chemical parameters

Electrical conductivity253 microsiemens/cm

In water liter of water are contained/ per mg: