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Indoor and outdoor pools

AUGUSTA SPA HOTEL has several pools with mineral water:

  • Glazed indoor pool with semi-Olympic dimensions and 760 cubic meters of mineral water, children’s water slide and children’s pool, jacuzzi – overlooking the park.
  • Use of swimming caps is mandatory for the indoor pool.
  • Attractive large outdoor pool with a water bar and an open-air children’s pool with mineral water located in the beautiful and well maintained garden with a view of Stara Planina and Sredna Gora.

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Rules for using the pool

  • Entry into the pool takes place through the changing rooms for women and men.
  • It is imperative to use beach slippers and swimming caps, as well as use of a shower before entering the pool (showers next to changing rooms). Persons not adhering to these rules will not be allowed to the pool.
  • Personal belongings shall be stored in the lockers in changing rooms.
  • In the event of an accident, seek the rescuer or duty attendant.
  • In order to enjoy the pool noisy jumps and shouting are not desirable.
  • It is strictly forbidden children’s pool to be used by adults.
  • The viewing of the covered pool shall take place only from the terrace of the coffee.
  • It is absolutely forbidden to bring food and alcoholic beverages to the pool.

Rules for using the children’s water slide

  • Sliding shall be done one by one after making sure that the pool under the slide is free from children sliding before you.
  • Do not increase the speed in order to touch water in the pool normally.
  • After sliding when you are in the pool under the slide, leave the pool as quickly as possible.
  • Climbing and jumping from the slider is not allowed.
  • The pool under the slide shall be used by sliders only.
  • The indoor pool shall be used by persons (children) up to 12 years of age.
  • Children under 10 years of age shall use the slider under parental control.

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