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The beautifully shaped and tight body is a dream of all of us. And although many believe that weight loss is possible only with the help of physical activity, modern cosmetic procedures offer us various methods for modeling imperfections by cavitation and radiofrequency lifting.
Cavitation is one of the most modern and effective procedures that give visible results even after the first session on the areas with fat deposits and cellulite.
Radiofrequency RF lifting is an innovative approach in body remodeling, with a slimming and tightening effect on the skin.
The combination of the two technologies significantly enhances the results that could not be achieved when used separately.
  • The vibrations of ultrasonic cavitation produce a strong pressure wave. The membrane of the fat cell cannot withstand this pressure and explodes, and the fat content leaks into the intercellular space. Thus, through the lymph flow and natural metabolic processes, the liquid fat content of the cells is expelled from the body.
  • Multipolar radio frequency RF heats the tissue in depth – stimulates the formation of collagen fibers and melts fat cells.
  • Lymphatic drainage accelerates blood circulation and blood flow, thus helping to remove excess fluids and cleanse the body of toxins.
It is necessary to do a series of procedures – usually between 6 and 10. Specialists from SPA Center “Augusta” recommend that the procedures be performed every 7 days and not to treat more than two areas at once, so as not to burden the body. Contact ultrasound gel or special slimming gel is used.
Optional areas аre: thighs and abdomen with slings. During the procedures, drinking plenty of water (about 2 liters) is mandatory, as well as limiting fat to maintain long-lasting results.
Price per zone: cavitation + radiofrequency lifting
+ lymph drainage 30 min. / 80,00 BGN  
When buying two zones – 10% discount – BGN 144.00.

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