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per room, per night, in Bulgarian Levs

From 10.04 till 30.06.2022
Breakfast incl.
1 night stay
all weekdays
2 nights stay WEEKENDS
2+ nights stay
Single Room (1 guest)108,0097,2086,40
Single Room (2 guests)143,00128,70114,40
Double Room (1 or 2 guests) 143,00128,70114,40
- Extra bed for adult51,0045,9040,80
- Extra bed for child up to 12 y.o.25,5022,9520,40
Тripple Room (up to 3 guests)214,50193,05171,60
Family Room (up to 3 guests)234,00210,60187,20
One-bedroom Suite (up to 2 guests)214,00192,60171,20
Two-bedroom Suite (up to 4 guests)296,00266,40236,80
Additional payment for adult:
in Family room, One- and Two-bedroom Suite
Additional payment for child up to 12 y.o.:
in Family room, One- and Two-bedroom Suite
From 01.07. till 30.09.2022г.
Every day
1 night
breakfast incl.
2+ nights
breakfast incl.
1 night
breakfast & dinner incl.
2+ nights
breakfast & dinner incl.
Single Room (1 guest)108,0097,20138,00124,20
Single Room (2 guest)143,00128,70203,00182,70
Double Room (1 or 2 guests)143,00128,70203,00182,70
- Extra bed for adult51,0045,9081,0072,90
- Extra bed for child up to 12 yrs.25,5022,9545,5040,95
Triple Room (up to 3 guests)214,50193,05304,50274,05
Family room (up to 3 guests)234,00210,60324,00291,60
One-bedroom Suite (up to 2 guests)214,00192,60274,00246,60
Two-bedroom Suite (up to 4 guests)296,00266,40416,00374,40
- Additional payment for adult:
in Family room, One- and Two-bedroom Suite
- Additional payment for child up to 12 y.o.:
in Family room, One- and Two-bedroom Suite

General conditions:

    • Check our Special offers here and get discounts up to 30%!
    • Check in – after 14:00 PM, Check out – until 12:00 PM on the date of departure. Early check in (after 08:00 AM) or Late check out (‘till 17:00 PM) is offered upon request (only when possible) is charged half the room rate.
    • All rates includes: accommodation, meals according to your choice, tourist insurance, tourists tax and 9% VAT.
    • Free of charge services: indoor pool, outdoor seasonal pool, children pool, Jacuzzi – all with mineral water (only with swim caps), fitness, sauna, relax room, salt room (up to 30 min. stay daily), dressing gowns for all guests on regular or additional beds, Wi-Fi, parking (subject to availability).
    • Meals policy: Breakfast – set-menu or buffet. The dinner will be served on a set-menu (no drinks incl.) for up to 50 persons – our guests can order dishes (without beverages) from whole restaurant’s menu. The daily limit for an adult is 30.00 BGN, and for children up to 12 years old is 20.00 BGN. In case that the total amount of the orders exceeds the limit, guests pay the difference on site. When we have more than 50+ people, dinner will be served on buffet (no drinks incl.). All guests with a prepaid dinner will receive bracelets to access the restaurant and will be provided with tables. The hotel does not guarantee separate tables during meals.
    • All guests without prepaid dinner can make table reservations depending on the restaurant’s availability. Dinner reservations are kept ‘till 20:00.
    • Тhe import of food and beverages purchased from outside the hotel is prohibited.Children up to 5 y.o., accommodated in their parent’s room, without using a bed, with breakfast incl., stay free of charge (without use of any hotel services). Baby bed – 10,00 BGN per night.
    • Extra bed policy: Extra beds can be placed only in double rooms and are charged according to the prices listed above. Extra guests (adults and children) can also be accommodated in hotel rooms & suites without using an extra bed and are charged according to the prices listed above: in Family rooms (4th guest – on one of the two king’s beds), in One-bedroom Suite (3th and 4th guest – on an expanding couch) and in Two-bedroom Suite (5th guest – on the couch).
    • Pet policy: guests with pets are accommodated in special pet friendly rooms and are charged 40,00 BGN per night.
    • Our INDOOR SWIMMING POOL AND CHILDREN’S WATER SLIDE ARE SCHEDULED FOR PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND WILL BE CLOSED from 01.08.2022 till 15.08.2022 incl. Please excuse us for the inconvenience!
    • Payments – reservations accepted by telephone are paid on site, at check-in, cash or with bank cards Visa / Mastercard. Online bookings are paid according to the site’s directions. In case of earlier departure, the prepaid sums shall not be refunded. The hotel reserves the right to change prices. These prices are not valid during official holidays, Christmas and New Year’s periods. You can find our general conditions HERE.