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Talasotherapy and other therapies

The term thalassotherapy derives from the word “thalasso”, which translates from Greek as sea. This type of therapy is a combination treatment by using sea water, seaweed, salt and seawater. The minerals, vitamins and other beneficial substances contained in seawater and seaweed not only help rest and relaxation but are also extremely healthy for the whole human organism.

Proven benefits of thalassotherapy:

  • Improvement of blood circulation and metabolism;
  • Stimulation of the immune system and improvement of the hormonal balance;
  • Treatment of diseases of the lungs, cardiovascular and nervous systems;
  • Removal of cellulite, rejuvenating and detoxifying effect;
  • Treatment of hair loss and seborrhea, skin inflammation, skin smoothing;
  • Relief and pain relief in rheumatic diseases, traumas and fractures;
  • Eliminates stress and has a general tonic effect.

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AUGUSTA SPA Center offers a wide variety of other types of therapies and programs.

New exclusive offer for youthful appearance and longevity – CO2 dry carbon dioxide bath or intensive care for devitalized and very dry skin with a lifting effect for the face – anti-aging therapy with caviar. Stimulate happiness with “Sweet luxury” chocolate therapy with antioxidant and tonic effect or take advantage of the relaxing effect of the “Welcome” SPA package.

With a rejuvenating and healing effect, it is offered diversified from Spa packages: “Honey Therapy”, three-day package “Healthy Back”, peeling, program for smooth and velvety soft skin, body and face therapy “Bulgarian Rose” and many others.