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Terms and Conditions
for provision and use of touristic services by customers, tour operators and corporate clients



І. Booking your stay at the hotel

  1. Booking the accommodation for individual or group stay at Augusta SPA Hotel is done by submitting a written request from the customer /the tour operator or the corporate client/ to fax: +359337/63808 or e-mail: booking@augustaspa.com, at least 3 (three) days before the date of desired accommodation.
  2. In the written request thereof, customer must specify in particular: the name/names of the applicant (as well as the persons to be accommodated), the requested dates of stay, the number and type of rooms, the method of payment, estimated time of arrival, etc.
  3. Confirmation of the written request of the customer shall be made within the term stated in the written offer sent by the hotel to said customer, to be counted from the date of its receipt.
  4. In order to confirm the booking and as a guarantee for the reservation, the customer must pay a deposit equal to the amount of the first overnight or the amount particularly specified in the offer within 3 (three) days prior to the date of the booked accommodation. The reservation is deemed to be confirmed and guaranteed only after said deposit has been transferred. Upon payment of the agreed amount for the stay under the reservation made, the value of the deposit shall be deducted. The outstanding balance of this amount is payable by the customer prior to his/her check-in.
  5. Payment for online bookings via www.augustaspa.com: a deposit equal to the amount of the first overnight will be required to confirm your reservation as a guarantee, withdrawn from your credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) within 3 (three) days prior to the date of the booked accommodation. The reservation is deemed to be confirmed and guaranteed only after said deposit has been transferred. If the transaction is unsuccessful, we’ll contact you for assistance. The outstanding balance of this amount is payable by the customer prior to his/her check-in.
  6. In case the aforementioned terms are not duly met by the customer, the hotel has the right to decline the accommodation and claim compensation for damages and lost profits.
  7. The hotel undertakes to not change unilaterally the rate per day and the price of other services agreed upon with the customer thereof. Upon check-in, changes to the already confirmed booking terms can only be made by mutual agreement of the parties.

ІІ.  Modifications and Cancelations of Booked Stay

  1. The cancellation or modification of persons, check-in and check-out dates, the number or type of rooms or other conditions of the reservation already made, shall be communicated in due time in writing to our fax or by e-mail. If the hotel has the possibility, it would change the terms already agreed under the reservation made.
  2. The deadline for canceling or changing the reservation without penalty for the customer is up to 1 (one) day prior to the requested accommodation.
  3. If canceled after these timeframes, the deposit paid for confirmation of the reservation shall not be refunded.

ІІІ.  Room Rates and Terms of Payment

  1. The rates for the rooms provided by the hotel are enlisted in its price list. In case of a request for an event to be held at the hotel, the prices and the specific conditions for realization of such event shall be negotiated bilaterally on a case-by-case basis. Prices for tour operators and corporate clients are to be negotiated between the sides.
  2. Payment of the price of the booked rooms and events as well as the value of the requested additional services shall be made:
    • in cash or via credit card – on site at the hotel prior to the check-in or beginning of the event or
    • by bank transfer – prior to the check-in or beginning of the event – to our bank account as follows:

Bank: TB Investbank AD – Plovdiv Branch, office Hisarya
Bank account holder: Augusta-91 AD
IBAN: BG10IORT81291001505501


Bank account holder: Augusta-91 AD, Address: Bulgaria, 4180, Hisarya, 3 Gurko Blvd.
Bank: TB Investbank Bulgaria AD
Address: Bulgaria, Sofia, 155 G. S. Rakovski Str.
IBAN: BG89IORT81291401505501
Account number: 400871949400EUR

  1. Upon a subsequent change in the quantity and type of services requested by the customer, the hotel retains the right to modify the initially offered prices.
  2. In case of force majeure, changes in the legislation concerning pricing, if inflation rate is higher than the one reported for the past year as well as in case of other significant changes in the market environment, the HOTEL retains the right to change the prices of the services provided by it within one month after written notification to the CUSTOMER of such change.

ІV.  Check-in and Check-out. Internal Rules of the Hotel/strong>

    1. The check-in takes place after 2:00 p.m. on the day of arrival.
    2. If a request for an earlier hour of check-in is explicitly stated in the written reservation form, such an earlier arrival shall be guaranteed by an additional advance payment of 50% (fifty per cent) of the cost of the accommodation thereof.
    3. Registration of all guests at the reception desk is mandatory and is made upon check-in with a valid ID document (ID card or international passport).
    4. At the check-in procedure, each guest receives a hotel passport that serves to him/her as an ID card during his/her stay.
    5. Guests of the hotel who have a car can get a parking pass at the check-in – from the reception desk.
    6. Payment is made on site, at the check-in – in cash (in Bulgarian leva) or via Visa, Mastercard or American Express card.
    7. The room is vacated by 12:00 o’clock on the day of check-out. Late check-out (until 5.00 p.m.) is charged with 50% of the room rate and is only possible if there is availability of free rooms. If the room is vacated after 5 p.m., it shall be charged as a full day of stay.
    8. In case of earlier departure, the prepaid amount shall not be refunded.
    9. Each time you leave the room, the key must be left at the reception. Upon departure, guests are required to inform the reception staff that they are vacating the room.
    10. Overnight stay in the hotel of non-registered persons is prohibited.
    11. The entrance door of the room is not automatic and must be locked off after each entry and leaving the room.
    12. Room lighting can only be switched on when the keychain is inserted into the plastic slot on the wall, to the left of the door (illuminated in red). 30 sec. after its removal from the slot, the light goes out.
    13. The hotel is not responsible for documents and valuables that are not left in the safe deposit box at the reception.
    14. The hotel offers the following additional services against payment as per our price list: laundry, ironing, individual safe deposit boxes (at the reception) etc.
    15. Breakfast begins at 07:30 a.m. and continues until 10:00 a.m. in the designated room of the restaurant, without the outside garden. Clients are admitted to the breakfast room only one time, subject of showing their hotel passport or access bracelet to the staff, which is marked in his/her presence in the schedule for the respective day. It is forbidden to take away food from the breakfast and dinner table. In case of a violation, we will charge you with a fine of 50.00 BGN. Bringing with you large bags at the breakfast room in the restaurant is not allowed.
    16. Guests are not allowed to bring in and use their own electric heating or other types of heating appliances during their stay at the hotel.
    17. Hotel guests must keep quiet during the afternoon and night hours (from 2:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. and from 11:00 m. until 07:00 a.m.).
    18. It is strictly forbidden to bring in and keep highly flammable, explosive and hazardous substances in the hotel premises.
    19. It is forbidden to take out any hotel property (towels, bathrobes, furnishing items, utensils, etc.) outside the hotel.
    20. Hotel guests must comply with the generally accepted personal hygiene standards.
    21. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all indoor parts of the hotel.
    22. No ironing in hotel rooms is allowed. For this purpose, you can use the specifically designated premises for ironing in the hotel.
    23. For security reasons, it is not appropriate to leave without supervision children under the age of 18 in the hotel rooms and in the hotel’s common areas (lobby, restaurant, lobby bar, SPA center, swimming pools and children’s water slide, etc.). The use of the children’s playground by children under the age of 18 is done in the presence of a parent or other adult responsible for the child. The hotel is not responsible for the persons who use the facilities in the children’s zone and the children’s playground without supervising adult.
    24. The hotel guests are responsible for all damages caused to the hotel’s furnishings, equipment and inventory as well as for all missing items. All damages are paid by the hotel guests at prices set by the hotel.
    25. Тhere is no warm connection between the two buildings of the hotel.


VІ.  Reservation of Event

  1. Reservation for organization of events, i.e. hiring and use of conference halls, restaurants, etc. is made by submitting a written request from the client to fax number: +359337/63808 or via e-mail: booking@augustaspa.com at the latest 10 (ten) days prior to the date of the event. Within 24 (twenty-four) hours, the hotel shall send its offer, with its validity period indicated therein.
  2. Confirmation of the written request by the client is made within 3 (three) days from the date of receipt of the offer communicated by the hotel. As confirmation of the reservation and guarantee that the event will actually take place, a deposit is required at the percentage indicated in the hotel’s offer from the amount of the reservation made. The deposit must be paid not later than 3 (three) days after confirmation of the offer for the event. Reservation is considered to be guaranteed once the deposit has been transferred. If the payment of the deposit is not effected within the specified time, the reservation shall be considered not confirmed.

VІІ. Modification or Cancellation of Event Reservation

  1. The client has the option to make modifications and/or cancellations without penalties not later than 7 (seven) days prior to the date of the event as agreed upon on the booking form. Upon the expiration of the above time frame, the client owes the full amount of booked rooms/services, including for guests who didn’t arrive or those who have terminated their stay at the hotel earlier.
  2. The client can make modifications and cancellations without penalties for the already made reservations for hiring and using conference rooms and technical facilities not later than 7 (seven) days prior to the date of the event.
  3. Not later than 7 (seven) days prior to the scheduled date of the event, the client must fully specify in detail and respectively approve the offer of the hotel about the set of meals for the attendants in the restaurants, food catering of coffee breaks.
  4. Modifications in the number of sets of meals, the client can make not later than 7 (seven) days prior to the date of the event.

 VІІІ. Terms of Payment

  1. The outstanding balance of the amount for the reservation made, after deduction of the deposit, shall be paid by the client at the latest on the day of the event – however, before such event is held.
  2. In case the payment terms for the deposit and the outstanding balance are not duly observed, the hotel has the right to refuse the event and claim compensation for damages incurred and lost profits. In case of non-fulfillment of the obligation to pay in timely manner the total amount of the hotel services provided, the CLIENT shall pay to the HOTEL a penalty for delay in the amount of 1% of the outstanding balance for each day of delay.
  3. It is not allowed to bring in outside food and drinks by the client in the hotel.
  4. In cases where the event continues after the restaurant’s official working hours, the hotel will charge an additional amount of BGN 100.00 (one hundred leva) for each started additional hour.
  5. In the event of modification in the quantity and type of services requested by the client, the hotel reserves the right to change the offered prices.


ІХ.  Claims 

  1. Claims by customers concerning quality of services provided by the hotel are to be communicated in due time to the reception staff. The specific circumstances of the complaints shall be established right away on site by the relevant hotel employees in the presence of the concerned customer. When responsible hotel employees find that the claim is justified, the hotel staff will take all necessary measures to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.
  2. In case of a bilaterally established problem that has been found not to have been resolved from the hotel in due time, the customer may also seek the assistance of the representatives of the respective Corporate Client or Tour Operator (PRINICIPAL) and also make claims through such. In such a case, the PRINICIPAL is obliged to provide the claims immediately to the HOTEL, which on its part must respond by fax or e-mail with the respective written statement regarding the particular case. Taking into account the circumstances that principal can accept as undoubtedly established based on the statements of both hotel and customer, PRINCIPAL shall decide at its discretion whether and what claims it should make on behalf of its customer to the hotel.
  3. The payment of compensation to the customer for reasonable claims, on which it has been established by both sides that the existing problem had not been timely rectified by the hotel, shall only be made if the above mentioned procedure has been followed. PRINCIPAL is not entitled to determine unilaterally and to withhold without the consent of the HOTEL amounts as compensation for claims submitted to PRINCIPAL.
  4. When customers have not at all filed their claims at the reception in due time, they are not entitled upon check-out to claim a discount on the price due to poor quality service.
  5. The tour operator or the corporate client undertakes to inform in detail and in good faith the people who are to be accommodated or whose event will be organized thereto of all the conditions of the service provided by the HOTEL, including the type, the quality and the condition of the rooms, beds, conference rooms, meals, etc., which will be provided to them against payment of the specifically agreed price.

Х. Compensation for damages

  1. Customers accommodated at the hotel or participating in an event organized in the hotel shall be required to pay before their departure compensation for damages caused by them to the property of the hotel. In this case, a bilateral statement of findings shall be made right away to specify the particular damage /non-working equipment, missing item, total or partial destruction of property/ to determine the way in which it is to be rectified or the amount to compensate for it.
  2. If the direct perpetrator of the damage refuses to sign the statement and/or to pay immediately the amount due for the remedy of the damage, the statement of findings shall be drawn up by the administration of the hotel, signed by two witnesses, stating the type of the particular damage, the time and the place it had been caused thereof as well as the refusal of the person to acknowledge and pay such damage. This statement of findings shall be delivered immediately to the respective PRINICIPAL under the contract for accommodation or for the event signed with the hotel, which assumes the responsibility to assist for payment of the due compensation for the damage or loss to the hotel property caused by its customer.
  3. The hotel administration invites the PRINICIPAL within a certain period of time for establishing the damage and signing the statement of findings on its part. If within the specified period, the PRINICIPAL also does not appear or refuses cooperation, this fact shall be noted in the statement of findings and confirmed again by two witnesses. In this case, the PRINICIPAL is jointly liable with the individual who directly caused the damage. The hotel now makes a written claim for compensation to the PRINCIPAL and same is obliged to pay the due compensation to the hotel within three days of receipt of said claim. If the PRINICIPAL fails to fulfill its obligation within that time, it shall owe to the HOTEL a penalty of three times the amount necessary to remedy the damages.
  4. The hotel can not be held responsible for stolen or missing items in the rooms, restaurants, halls and throughout the hotel unless the valuables have been handed over in accordance with the established procedures for storage in the special safes at the hotel reception.
  5. In case of large-scale events and accommodation of large groups of children, foreigners who do not speak English, German, French or Russian, deaf-mute persons, communication-challenged people or otherwise “risky” groups, the organizers of the event are obliged to provide and specify to the reception officers the supervisors of these groups and, if necessary, security guards which shall exercise constant supervision and shall assist the hotel administration for the smooth accommodation and running of the event.
  6. Customers should under no circumstances leave their children unattended in the territory of Augusta SPA Hotel. The hotel is not responsible for the actions of persons under 18 years left without supervision.
  7. The HOTEL is not liable for damages caused by non-performance or inaccurate performance that are due to:
    • Third party’s actions that are impossible to foresee or avoid;
    • Acts of God or force majeure that can not be foreseen or avoided by the HOTEL in good faith.