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Salt room and Halotherapy

AUGUSTA SPA Center is pleased to present to you its new salt  room. Every day several times per day there is a halo or salt therapy. Furnished with beautiful Himalayan salt walls and equipped with a modern halo generator to create a therapeutic microclimate like the salt caves, the modern salt room offers a combination of healing and relaxation in a pleasant environment.

Halotherapy is a holistic method of treatment and prevention using crude stone salt in aerosol form. The salt has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action. Halotherapy as a method of treatment is used in:

  • Respiratory diseases – asthma, chronic bronchitis, recurrent bronchopneumonia;
  • Allergic diseases of the nose and throat, hay fever, pharyngitis, sinusitis, rhinitis;
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system – coronary heart disease, angina, hypertension, hypotension;
  • Neurosis and depression, relief of emotional stress, anxiety and nervous tension;
  • Skin diseases (atopic dermatitis, allergic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, acne, cellulitis, etc.);
  • Post-operative rehabilitation of the respiratory system;
  • Treatment of bacterial and fungal infections of the respiratory system.

Halotherapy is extremely effective – it is found that in over 80-90% of people there is a visible improvement in the condition. It can also be used as a method for the prevention of chronic non-specific pulmonary diseases, respiratory allergies, malignant neoplasms of the lung and others. Halotherapy has a proven immunostimulating effect and it is suitable for children and pregnant women, as there are no side effects. It is successfully combined with other methods of non-medication treatment such as aromatherapy, various types of massages, kinesotherapy and others.


The sauna has been a popular healing process for centuries. From relaxation, through restoration after a heavy physical load, to cleansing the body – the benefits of sweating are proven by a number of medical tests:

  • In the sauna, the heat relaxes the muscles, supports the blood circulation, which enhances the body’s ability to recover and stimulates the production of the hormone of happiness – endorphin. Endorphin reduces the pains in the muscles and joints caused by diseases such as arthritis or heavier training.
  • Sauna is one of the best ways to detoxify the body. After sport IT relaxes the muscles and thus reduces the levels of different chemical toxins that the body absorbs in its interaction with the environment.
  • The sauna cleans the skin. Excessive sweating cleans dead cells and helps remove acne and other skin diseases.
  • The sauna burns calories and trains the heart. The body consumes calories through increased heart activity when using the sauna. The pulse accelerates from an average of 60-70 beats per minute to 110-120 beats.
  • Regular use of the sauna significantly enhances immunity. Heat causes a rapid production of white blood cells that kill viruses and increase immune protection, thereby reducing the risk of influenza and cold.
  • Regular use of the sauna reduces headaches and increases concentration, leading to deeper and more relaxed sleep at night.

Recommendations for using the sauna

  • Before the first visit, consult a doctor.
  • It is recommended to stay initially for a maximum of 10-15 minutes. 
  • Have a good rest before and after the session – it is not recommended to use the sauna immediately after the end of the workout.
  • Do not take heavy food or alcohol before and after the sauna.


In the struggle with the increasingly stale lifestyle, gym training remains the most common and accessible method of movement. In the renewed gym center of AUGUSTA SPA HOTEL with a variety of appliances suitable for both men and women, you have the option of cardio workout, as well as a bike ride, a cross-country trainer, a treadmill, free weight lifting, a Swedish wall. Healing gymnastics is also held, and if desired, you can have an individual program prepared after consultation with a fitness instructor.

Movement and exercise are a key factor in keeping a healthy lifestyle. The benefits of regular workouts are proven and include:

  • Relieve stress and shake off everyday problems;
  • Improving the tone and overall health, the flow of vital forces and energy;
  • Keeping strong and durable muscles, flexible and athletic body, attractive appearance, increased self-esteem and mood;
  • Control of appetite and indiscriminate nutrition, acceleration of metabolism and cleansing of the body;
  • Delay of aging process and increasing body stamina;
  • Supply of oxygen to every cell in the body, cleansing the skin;
  • Improving cardiac activity, blood circulation and reflexes;
  • Removing nervous tension, avoiding apathy and depression, improving sleep at night.