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Professional & Affordable SPA Treatments

Medical services

Medical consultation with a doctor or kinesitherapist20.00BGN
Blood pressure measuring 3.00BGN
Giving an under skin / muscle injection5.00BGN
Bandage / dressing8.00BGN
Carboxy therapy (injection with СО2)25.00BGN
Dry carbon dioxide bath1 treatment65.00BGN

Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Low-frequency pulse magnetic field treatment– 1 area: 10.00BGN
– 2 area: 16.00BGN
Electrotherapy with low and medium – frequency current10.00BGN
Ultrasound therapy14.00BGN
Light therapy (Bioptron)10.00BGN
Light therapy (Infarouge)10.00BGN
Inhalation with mineral water12.00BGN

Pomorian Lye compresses therapy– 1 area: 14.00BGN
– 2 areas: 19.00BGN
Paraffin therapy– 1 area : 14.00BGN
– 2 areas: 19.00BGN
Mud application therapy-1 поле: 14.00BGN
-2 полета: 19.00BGN
Lymphopress– 1 area: 14.00BGN
– 2 areas: 19.00BGN
Individual kinesiotherapy40 min. / 30.00BGN
Therapeutic gymnastics – group40 min. / 15.00BGN
TRX – a new generation workout / group40 min. / 15.00BGN

Healing treatments with mineral water

Mineral bath tub20 min. / 16.00BGN
Pearl mineral bath tub20 min. / 19.00BGN
Whirling mineral bath tub20 min. / 19.00BGN
Mineral bath tub for lower limbs / legs15 min. / 13.00BGN
Underwater shower massage20 min. / 32.00BGN
Transdermal mineral bath tub with Magnesium crystals20 min. / 30.00BGN
Transdermal mineral bath tub with Magnesium crystals for lower limbs / legs20 min. / 17.00BGN
Herbal mineral bath tub
20 min. / 22.00BGN
Thalasso mineral bath tub with draining effect20 min. / 32.00BGN
Halo therapy / salt room30 min. / 13.00BGN


М1 – Classical Massage, also known as Swedish – this massage improves the condition of
muscles and connective tissue, energizes and tone the body
20 min. / 35.00BGN
30 min. / 45.00BGN
45 min. / 65.00BGN
М2 – Aroma Relax Massage –choose your aroma according to your mood and enjoy this harmonious body and mind massage20 min. / 45.00BGN
30 min. / 55.00BGN
50 min. / 75.00BGN
М3 – Medical Massage, specialized massage techniques and pain relief oils, selected according to specific complaints
suitable for people with spinal and joint diseases
20 min. / 45.00BGN
30 min. / 55.00BGN
50 min. / 75.00BGN
М4 – Anti-Stress Massage – the application of warm Black Sea lye lowers tension, relaxes back muscles and prepares them for therapeutic massage in the areas subjected to daily stress35 min. / 52.00BGN
М5 – Hot Stone Massage – the combination of the heat of the lava-stones and reflexive massage makes this experience unique, with an effect you will remember for a long time75 min. / 110.00BGN

Body therapy

Т1 – Therapy Gentle Skin – Peeling with delicate sugar crystals and pure natural oils, followed by a stay in a thermal blanket will leave your skin silky soft and you will feel energized and flavored25 min. / 33.00BGN
Т2 – Therapy Velvet softness – After gentle exfoliation, you will dive into bubbling a warm bath enriched with aromas and salts – a “soft as a velvet“ experience for body and soul35 min. / 51.00BGN
Т3 – Therapy sweet splendor – with the aroma of cocoa and the taste of chocolate – gourmet pleasure in 2 steps: peeling and massage with Belgian Chocolate oil55 min. / 77.00BGN
T4 – Gold therapy Beauty Expert – regenerates the skin, tightens and improves it’s elasticity. A sense of luxury and comfort60 min. / 90.00BGN
Т5 – Therapy Bulgarian Rose – Where, if not here? The Valley of the Roses – famous throughout world Bulgarian rose oil in a rejuvenating therapy for the skin of the face and body. Hydrating peeling, mask with natural rose oils for shine and tone, massage Bloom of Roses60 min. / 82.00BGN
T6 – SPA Therapy “Cleopatra” – 3 actions: gentle cleansing, deeply nourishing and relaxing massage60 min. / 82.00BGN
Т7 – Coconut Delight Therapy – Exotic peeling with coconut shavings and massage with warm coconut oil – the perfect combination for cold winter days with anti-aging effect60 min. / 77.00BGN
Т8 – Thal’ion France – Anti-Stress relax therapy  – the active    ingredients  of  seawater  and  algae  in concentrated type recharge the body with calcium and magnesium, relieve muscle tension and stiffness in the joints60 min. / 85.00BGN
Т9 –  Drainage therapy for heavy and tired legs Happy feet of Thal’ion France – reflex massage with intense cooling gel for instant relief, comfort and lightness35 min. / 57.00BGN
Т10 – Healing body mask with Black Sea lye and estuary mud: suitable for all skin types. Microelements and mineral substances, penetrating through the skin, have a refreshing, toning and hydrating effect. Medicinal Black Sea mud affects diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the peripheral nervous system, as well as skin diseases – psoriasis, neurodermatitis.45 min. / 35.00BGN
Т11 – Body Therapy – Captivating Tiare – Awaken your senses with this sophisticated therapy enriched with rebalancing
sea core and nourishing butter Tiare flower extract.
75 min. / 135.00BGN

Anti-cellulite SPA therapies

T11 – SPA therapy “Goodbye cellulite” – unique „gypsum Bermuda“ shorts – for instant effect – 2 cm. less with only 1 procedure!50 min. / 62.00BGN
T12 – Detox massage – focused on problem areas, this intense warming massage improves blood circulation and stimulates metabolism40 min. / 65.00BGN
Т13 – Sea pearls massage – turquoise sea pearls roll and melt on the skin to deliver their valuable content to the abdomen and thighs. Visibly sculpt your silhouette from the first procedure30 min. / 57.00BGN
T14 – Revitalizing Therapy 3 Active of Thal’ion France – The power of three types of algae from Brittany is combined with thalasso-oligogel to rapidly improve metabolism of skin with visible result60 min. / 92.00BGN
T15 – Detox therapy Aminisanti of Thal’ion France – Focused on problem areas, this one rich in micro elements and minerals therapy has powerful cleansing and drainage action60 min. / 90.00BGN
T16 – Cavitation & RF-lifting for body include:
– Cavitation & radio
– Frequency body lifting
– Thigh area 40 min. – Abdomen area with slings 30 min.
40 min. / 82.00BGN
30 min. / 70.00BGN

Facial therapies

Л1 – Perfect Purity Therapy – developed in order to normalize the formation of sebum, clean the pores, calm the skin. Nourishes, reduces fine wrinkles, keeps the skin radiant and smooth.60 min. / 85.00BGN
Л2 – Nano hyaluronic bomb – Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid – restores the hydro balance on the skin and in its deepest layers, erases traces of fatigue and stress60 min. / 79.00BGN
Л3 – Anti-age therapy with caviar Intensive care for devitalized and very dry skin with a lifting effect60 min. / 79.00BGN
Л4 – Therapy Milk & Honey – nourishing therapy45 min. / 50.00BGN
Л5 – Therapy 24 Karat Gold – astonishing therapy60 min. / 73.00BGN
Л6 – Collagen filler mask “Black Gold” – The mask is very effective in improving the hydrating effect of the skin, reducing the depth of wrinkles, radiance and softness of the skin, even toning and reducing pigmentation60 min. / 73.00BGN
Л7 – Oxygen Therapy – It saturates the skin with oxygen, lightens hyperpigmented spots and visibly clarifies the complexion60 min. / 79.00BGN
Л8 – Express Beauty Toning Therapy of Thal’ion France – chrome color mask that changes it’s color, lifts contour and shapes the oval60 min. / 90.00BGN
Л9 – Rejuvenating Therapy Algolift of Thal’ion France – with triple action – nourishes, tightens, smoothes … fascinate60 min. / 92.00BGN
Л10 –  Absolute hydration from THAL’ION FRANCE – perfectly refreshed, the skin regains its softness and radiance. The feeling of dryness and discomfort is gone, the complexion shines, the skin returns to it’s normal levels of hydration.80 min. / 92.00BGN
Л11 –  Facial massage20 min. / 35.00BGN
Л12 – Radiofrequency RF lifting – stimulation of fibroblast cells, which begin to produce collagen and elastane. The dermis thickens, the oval is reconstructed, fine wrinkles disappear and the skin becomes noticeably younger and firmerface 30 min. / 52.00BGN
face, neck and neckline 45 min. / 67.00BGN
Л13 – “Pure Expert Forte” therapy – for oily and problematic skin with pigmentation and uneven texture.55 min. / 70.00BGN
Л14 – Therapy “Mesocones like” – rejuvenating, regenerating and anti-aging effect.55 min. / 72.00BGN
Л15 – Face, neck and neckline massage with Active serum according to skin type. 45 min. / 55.00BGN

SPA packages & seasonal offers

Three-Days Healing Package “Sturdy Back”:
6 x Physiotherapy procedures (electro and light therapy),
2 x Healing mineral bath,
3 x Applications of Pomorian lye compresses,
1 x Therapeutic back massage – 20 min.:
Total price of the package:
Welcome Spa Package – “Pearl” mineral water bath tub with aromatic salts, 20 min. back massageTotal price of the package: 53.00BGN
Package of 3 pcs. Dry carbon dioxide baths:Total price of the package: 169.00BGN
3-days SPA Detox Package – for weight loss
(seasonal offer)
1-st day:
massage with sea pearls – 30 minutes;
Thalassotherapy bath with draining effect – 20 min.
2-nd day:
Vibrating massage 15 minutes – free!
SPA procedure “Goodbye cellulite” – 50 min.
3-rd day:
Lymph press – 2 areas – 20 min.
Revitalizing therapy 3-Active – 60 min.
Total price of the package: 250.00BGN
(seasonal offer)
1-st day:
– Thalassotherapy bath with draining effect – 20 min.;
– Anti-stress relaxing therapy – 60 min.
2-nd day:
– Lymph press – 2 areas – 20 min.;
– Drainage therapy for heavy and tiredlegs Happy feet of Thal’ion France – reflex massage with intense cooling gel for instant relief, comfort and lightness – 35 min.
Total price of the package: 170.00BGN

Post-Covid SPA packages

5 x inhalations with Hissarian mineral water
5 x light therapy with “Bioptron”
2 x dry carbonic baths – a unique procedure for Bulgaria, offered only by us!
3 x mineral baths with essential oils
Free of charge:
one 15 minutes classic partial massage (once for the period)
Halotherapy (salt room – 30 min. daily)
Mineral water pool
Relax room (30 min. daily)
Total price of the package:
5 x inhalations with Hissarian mineral water
5 x light therapy with “Bioptron”
2 x dry carbonic baths – a unique procedure for Bulgaria, offered only by us!
2 x Pearl mineral water bath with aromatic salts
2 x Classic partial back massage – 20 min.
Free of charge:
Halotherapy (salt room – 30 min. daily)
Mineral water pool
Relax room (30 min. daily)
Total price of the package:
*The price is per person and does not include accommodation. The offer is valid only for accommodated hotel guests.